A Sports Medicine Chiropractor Can Treat Muscle and Joint Issues

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Sports medicine chiropractors focus on providing joint and muscle treatments. Injuries from sports can cause problems in your mobility and range of motion. Tissue, bone, and muscle damage can cause you to suffer from chronic aches and more serious musculoskeletal ailments. If you want to find out how a sports medicine chiropractor can help you, here are the details.

For the spine and joints

The sports medicine chiropractor will ask about the patient’s medical history. Then, a structural exam of the patient’s balance and spine health follows. The healthcare provider will check the patient’s joints, ligaments, limbs, and tendons. A custom-fit treatment plan can then address the patient’s issues. The plan is also important for preventing future sports injuries.

Spinal mobilization and manipulation are common chiropractic techniques. The healthcare professional will place the patient in various positions. This helps in performing spinal manipulation on the injured spinal joint. It also relieves the pressure in the spine while aligning the patient’s joints and muscles.

Sometimes, the manipulation can result in cavitation or an audible crack. This shows the release of trapped gas in the joints. The pain reduces after the gas release. With this, the patient’s range of motion returns.

Another method is spinal mobilization. This approach is gentle. It often uses stretches and tools to release the pressure in the joints. Incorporating other treatment methods can also help relieve pain. Such methods are electronic stimulation, ice, and heat.

For soft tissues

Most soft tissue traumas are ligament sprains, bruises, and contusions. These irritate the soft tissues of the body. A sports medicine chiropractor can perform several therapies to reduce inflammation. There are also treatments capable of enhancing blood flow.

Using trigger point therapy is an optimal way of breaking up the stubborn knots in muscles. Regular chiropractic adjustments can restore proper nerve flow. The injured tissues heal better. Soft tissues then experience less irritation.

Preventing future damage

A sports medicine chiropractor can also help prevent re-injuries. Seeing a sports therapist first before starting a new sport is ideal. Checking the patient’s spine and muscles helps ensure good performance without straining. This is also a way to see if there is tension or imbalance.

Seeing a sports medicine chiropractor can reduce stiffness. It can target the source of pain. The therapist can provide the right treatment as well. After this, targeting the underlying cause of pain follows. These causes could be improper conditioning or biomechanical deficiencies.

A good sports medicine therapist can prevent any form of tissue damage. Chiropractic techniques make the body function better and recover faster. They also make the body less prone to injuries. Warming up and preventing over-training is a good way to keep the body stable.

The benefits

Playing sports can be stressful and painful at times. Taking pain relievers is never the solution to the discomfort. Seeing a chiropractor is healthier. It is a drug-free, natural way to achieve relief and prevent future tissue damage. Here are the benefits an individual can get from chiropractic care:

·Enhances recovery and prevents future injury

A sports medicine chiropractor can assess an athlete’s musculoskeletal and neurological systems. Doing so allows the chiropractor to target the problem area and work on it right away. The manipulations can help the athlete recover in a short period. The realignment of the tissues, joints, and spine can reduce the reoccurrence of future injuries. This will keep the patient more resistant to minor injuries and chronic pain. The patient can then perform much better without pain or discomfort.

·Improves performance

Injuries can result in stiffness. This can reduce a person’s range of motion. Limited movement can impair an athlete during training and game performance. A chiropractor can reset the spine, joints, and muscles to loosen them. This can help the athlete perform back to pre-injury condition.

·Less dependence on pain medications

Recovering from injuries often involves taking prescription pain medication. Taking pain relievers is not good for an athlete’s health and performance. A sports medicine chiropractor can speed up recovery and improve healing. The manipulations can realign the spine, joints, and muscles. This will result in reduced pain, swelling, and discomfort. The patient can then take fewer pain relievers.

Your sports medicine chiropractor can help treat muscle, joint, and soft tissue problems

Engaging in contact sports can be fun. But it can also result in various injuries. Natural treatments like chiropractic care result in long-term relief. Your sports medicine chiropractor can provide relief and prevent injuries. Seeing your chiropractor regularly can enhance your performance when you play.

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