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Back Pain Treatment Ooltewah, TN

Back pain treatment brings much-needed relief to those battling conditions that affect the spine. If you are one of the many who need this, you are not alone. Back pain is one of the leading medical conditions doctors deal with. It is one of the many reasons for missed days from work and for disability claims.

Most people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. The pain and discomfort caused by the condition can range from mild to debilitating. It can be a constant sensation of pain or one that comes and goes. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to prevent or relieve back pain.

Signs you need back pain treatment

The symptoms and signs that indicate a person should seek treatment for back pain include:

  • Muscle aches, particularly around the back
  • A stabbing pain
  • Pain that goes down the legs
  • Pain that intensifies when standing, bending, walking, or lifting things
  • Pain that goes away when the back is reclined

A trip to the doctor is in order when:

  • Pain does not go away after a few weeks
  • Pain leads to bladder or bowel problems
  • Pain starts after an injury to the back
  • Pain extends past the knees
  • Pain leads to tingling or numbness in the legs
  • The condition leads to noticeable weight loss
  • Patient is over the age of 50 and having back pain for the first time
  • Patient has osteoporosis or cancer
  • Patient has a history with drugs, alcohol, or steroids

What to expect when getting back pain treatment

Figuring out the cause of the patient's pain and discomfort is vital so that appropriate back pain treatment can be administered. The doctor will conduct a physical examination that involves asking the patient to sit, lift their legs, stand, and walk. The patient might be asked to rank the pain they experience while performing these tasks.

Such assessments help to determine the source of the pain, how much it limits the patient's mobility, and if the pain is accompanied by muscle spasms. Physical evaluations also help to rule out more severe issues that might be causing the pain.

Depending on the findings of the initial evaluation, the doctor might order more tests. These may include:

  • X-rays
  • CT scans or MRIs
  • Blood tests
  • Nerve studies
  • Bone scans

Treatment for back pain

Common procedures used to deal with pain originating from the back include:

  • Over-the-counter painkillers: These can be effectively used to manage back pain. They should be taken as directed by a doctor.
  • Applying heat to the area: This can bring minor pain relief and promotes healing.
  • Muscle relaxants: These are used when the patient's condition is not improved with over-the-counter medication.
  • Topical pain relievers: These are ointments, salves, or creams that are rubbed into the area the pain is coming from.
  • Narcotics: Narcotics like hydrocodone and oxycodone can be used to manage intense back pain.
  • Injections: Drugs like cortisone can be injected into the affected area to decrease inflammation around the nerves. Numbing agents can be injected into the area for pain relief.
  • Physical therapy: This often involves physical exercises and stimulating the affected area with electrical pulses, ultrasound, or heat.
  • Acupuncture and chiropractic care: Alternative forms of treatments like these can also be used to treat issues that cause back pain and reduce pain. Acupuncture involves the placement of thin needles into energy pathways in the body, while chiropractic care involves the manipulation of affected muscles and joints to reduce pain.
  • Surgery: In rare cases, surgical treatment might be needed. It is typically reserved for back pain caused by structural issues.

Frequently asked questions about getting chiropractic care for back pain

Let us take a look at some of the questions patients often have regarding chiropractic care for back pain:

1. What is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is a drug-free and surgery-free approach to managing pain and other health conditions. It involves using manual techniques to adjust the joints and muscles in your body. Chiropractic care is commonly used to treat back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other musculoskeletal conditions.

2. How does chiropractic care work?

Chiropractic care works by restoring proper alignment to the joints and muscles in your body. When these tissues are properly aligned, they can function properly and help you avoid pain and other health problems.

3. Is chiropractic care safe?

Chiropractic care is generally safe when a licensed and experienced chiropractor provides it. Serious side effects are rare, but there are some risks involved, as with any healthcare treatment. Be sure to bring up any worries you have with your chiropractor before starting treatment.

4. How frequently do I need to see a chiropractor?

The regularity of your appointments depends on the severity of your condition and how well you respond to treatment. Most people need to see a chiropractor 2-3 times per week for the first few weeks of care and then less frequently as their condition improves.

5. How long does each session last?

Chiropractic sessions typically last 30-60 minutes. Your chiropractor will customize the treatment to your specific needs and may use various techniques during each session.

6. What can I expect during my first visit?

During your first visit, your chiropractor will examine your medical history and perform a physical examination. They may also recommend X-rays or other diagnostic tests to assess your condition. Based on this information, they will develop a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

Back pain does not have to limit you

Back pain can make performing the simplest physical tasks quite difficult and uncomfortable. It can limit your ability to enjoy simple things like family trips or prevent you from being able to make a living. Back pain treatment allows you to put that all behind you and get back to enjoying life. 

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