Common Sports Injuries Treated by Chiropractors

Sports Injuries Ooltewah, TN

Sports injuries are hard to deal with because most players are eager to get back to playing and practicing. Chiropractors can be good resources to utilize because they can offer extensive rehabilitation for sports injuries. Continue reading to find out more.

How a chiropractor can help sports players and their injuries

Here are a few of the most common sports injuries that a chiropractor treats. It may be helpful to review these to better understand what type of medical attention is required for them.

Groin strain

One of the most common sports injuries is a groin strain. Many sports require players to use their lower limbs intensely, which can result in strains throughout the body, especially the groin area. 

Swollen muscles

Swollen muscles are common sports injuries. Sports that require intense use of the arm or leg muscles can lead to swelling due to overuse. When the muscles are overworked, they can become inflamed or swollen, resulting in pain and soreness, which will lead to the need for chiropractic attention. 

Achilles tendon injuries

The Achilles tendon stretches from the heel all the way to the calf. This tendon is commonly injured due to overuse or a lack of warming up, which is common in sports.  


This type of sports injury causes intense pain as soon as it happens. Dislocations typically occur during high-impact or contact sports, like football. In most scenarios, the dislocation will also cause nerve damage, which can have negative long-term effects on the body. 

The dislocated joint will need to be put back into place as soon as possible. From there, depending on the location of the sports injury, a splint may be necessary. Then, the chiropractor can come in and work with the player to help appropriately heal the injury. 


In standard medicine, fractures are similar to breaks. However, when it comes to sports injuries, a stress fracture is the result of repetitive impacts on the body. If the player continues to put stress on the impacted area, the fracture can worsen, resulting in worse pain and further dysfunction. 

Shin splints

The shin bone can experience severe and chronic pain due to a lack of stretching or warming up before a game or a practice. Additionally, shin splints may occur due to overworking the body, specifically the legs. If the legs are overworked with a lack of support, the result may be shin splints.  

Talk to a chiropractor

When dealing with a sports injury, the ideal thing to do is consult with medical professionals. Multiple resources may be involved, but a chiropractor can significantly help the healing process. After a sports injury occurs, the chiropractor can evaluate and determine the most suitable type of treatment. Additionally, any questions or concerns can be appropriately addressed. To find out more or to get scheduled for a consultation appointment, reach out today. 

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