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Sports Injury Treatment Ooltewah, TN

An effective sports injury treatment is essential for athletes and competitors. Getting hurt during practice or play can happen to anyone involved in sports. But injuries do not have to derail a person’s career or hobby. Chiropractors are a good resource to pursue if you need to get back in action and find pain relief. A chiropractor can try a few different methods to help you overcome your injury and feel well once more.

Typical sports injuries

A person does not need to compete at the professional level to suffer major sports injuries. A variety of conditions are common among people of all ages at all stages of talent and ability. Injuries can affect the individual’s joints, such as the neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. These could be sprains or fractures. Other common sports injuries impact the muscles, such as strains, tears, or pulls. Back problems are also not out of the ordinary.

Why people visit the chiropractor for sports injury treatment options

Athletes can pursue multiple approaches to overcoming injuries and finding pain relief, including surgery or medication. Chiropractors offer a drug-free solution. Chiropractors are also popular because they can give long-term care. They can also help with maintenance for joint injuries. This professional also counsels patients on other wellness issues. These may include healthy eating and effective exercising.


When it comes to a sports injury treatment, adjustments are among the first that the chiropractor will consider. This process entails the chiropractor properly aligning the spine to promote effective flexibility, mobility, and range of motion. By properly lining up the spine, the body can function well and heal itself. To perform an adjustment, the chiropractor places their hands on the person’s back. Then, using sudden, controlled force, the chiropractor manipulates the spine, moving it into the right location.

The chiropractor can also use instruments to perform an adjustment. The chiropractor will also consider the patient’s needs, such as whether they are pregnant or have other conditions. The patient may lie on a table facedown or sit in a chair, depending on circumstances. The frequency of adjustments will depend on the person’s condition and needs.

Electric muscle stimulation

When muscle pain is an effect of a sports injury, the chiropractor may try electric muscle stimulation. This therapy uses mild electric impulses into the muscles to block pain signals. This may be a common treatment instead of or in addition to adjustments. The therapy can strengthen muscles. It is a common sports injury treatment for long-term problems.

Massage therapy

Deep-tissue massages are another sports injury treatment to consider. The chiropractor may handle this therapy, or there may be a licensed massage therapist on the staff to take care of the patient’s needs. The massage will target the affected area, flushing out swelling and breaking down adhesions. This can speed up the healing process in injured muscles.

How chiropractic care can help sports injuries

Chiropractic care is often only sought after during an injury. But chiropractors can also give preventive services. Stiffness or soreness often inhibits one’s normal range of motion. This makes it more challenging to move within an athlete’s normal range. Regular chiropractic care can help sports injuries in the following ways:

  • It can bolster the athlete’s energy. The chiropractor concentrates on the athlete’s problem areas. This prompts a whole-body treatment during each session. The athlete must tell the chiropractor about any pain or discomfort that affects athletic performance. Exhaustion is a common symptom. Chiropractic treatment can boost levels of energy and battle depression or anxiety.
  • It can treat spinal misalignment. The spine offers structural support, flexibility, and housing for the internal organs and nerves when it has a proper alignment. Sports activities and injuries can cause spinal misalignment. Sometimes, the athlete does not feel discomfort at all when the spine is misaligned. Over time, the misalignment worsens, and symptoms like paresthesia, pain, and stiffness manifest. The chiropractor can perform spinal manipulation to target the affected nerves and muscles.
  • It can enhance the athlete’s range of motion. Sports injuries tend to limit one’s range of motion. The chiropractor can perform chiropractic adjustments to remove the stiffness and pain. This can bring back the athlete’s range of motion. The chiropractor can also teach the patient strengthening exercises and posture correction methods.

Relief is waiting for you

Sports injury treatment is critical for you if you are an avid athlete. If you have suffered an injury, do not ignore the symptoms or effects. Talk to your chiropractor about which treatment makes the most sense for you. You can get back on the field or court at full strength once again.

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