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Regenerative medicine is a special field that focuses on growth and healing within the body. There are many techniques and therapies that are used in regenerative medicine to encourage and stimulate both growth and healing after an injury or from chronic pain. Both injuries and chronic pain can lead to the need for serious treatment, which is why becoming familiar with regenerative medicine can be helpful. Continue reading to find out more.

Different therapies used in regenerative medicine 

Outlined below are a few popular therapies that are used in regenerative medicine. Review this information to have a better understanding of what regenerative medicine can offer.

Stem cell treatment

One of the most popular therapies that is used in regenerative medicine is stem cell treatment. The medical specialist will collect stem cells from other parts of the body, including bone marrow, fat, and blood. These stem cells are then put into a centrifuge, which is commonly used in regenerative medicine. A centrifuge is a small tubular piece that keeps the stem cells safe and sterile. Centrifuges work in conjunction with a machine that helps to separate the regenerative cells so that the appropriate ones can be re-administered to the injury or damaged part of the body.

Most commonly, stem cell treatment is used to treat back pain or to encourage the regeneration of cells in the spinal discs. Individuals who experience a back injury from a contact sport or a car accident can benefit from undergoing stem cell treatment. 

It is important to know that with stem cell treatment in regenerative medicine, it can take time for the results to show. Stem cells do not regenerate overnight. Having an understanding that it will take time can be helpful as it will set expectations from the beginning. 


Injured joints and connective tissues can be treated with a regenerative medicine technique called prolotherapy. Conditions like whiplash, arthritis, or degenerative disc disease can benefit from prolotherapy. 

Dextrose and saline make up a solution that is injected into the injured area. The make-up of the injection triggers the body to encourage healing. New connective fibers will then begin to grow in order to repair the injury or damage done to the body. Not only does prolotherapy stimulate the body to heal, but it also helps to reduce any associated pain. 

Cartilage regeneration

Musculoskeletal conditions can easily be treated with cartilage regeneration therapies. Because cartilage does not contain blood vessels, it does not heal well on its own. Oftentimes, it can take months to heal areas that contain cartilage, which is why regenerative medicine can be helpful. Regenerative medicine is usually required as it helps to speed up the process in a healthy way.

There are a few different techniques used for cartilage regeneration, including grafting, transfer procedures, and osteotomies. The type of injury at hand will determine what approach is most suitable. 

Micro-fragmented adipose injections

Joint pain, spinal conditions, and arthritis can all be treated through micro-fragmented adipose injections. This minimally invasive therapy involves the removal of a small area of fat. Blood, oils, and inflammatory cells are removed from the fat, only leaving behind the actual fat. What is left is called micro-fragmented adipose, which is then injected back into the area of the body that requires attention. 

This procedure can be done in as little as an hour, no anesthesia is required, and the healing times are much quicker than traditional surgical approaches. Medical specialists often recommend this regenerative approach because it offers many benefits. 

What to know about regenerative medicine

It is important to understand that not everyone responds to every regenerative medicine approach. This branch of medicine is constantly evolving and changing, which means there are aspects of it that are still being discovered and perfected. With that, in some cases, there may be quite a bit of trial and error to see what the patient best responds to. Medical specialists will tread lightly and only take the necessary steps to ensure a positive and healthy outcome. 

Find out more about regenerative medicine

When considering regenerative medicine, the best thing to do is to consult directly with a medical specialist. A consultation can be performed to determine what type of therapy is most appropriate. The consultation will involve a physical evaluation, as well as a rundown of health history. To find out more about regenerative medicine therapies, reach out today to schedule a consultation.

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