PRP Therapy for Damaged Joints

Prp Therapy Ooltewah, TN

PRP therapy (platelet-rich plasma therapy) can help repair any damaged joint. A joint connects one bone to the other. It allows you to move around. Pain in the joints indicates joint damage. This can interfere with daily activities. If you want to know how PRP therapy can help your damaged joints, here are the details.

Joint pain causes

Pain is the main reason for joint damage. This can occur in the shoulder, ankles, hands, and feet. The pain can be debilitating. It can interrupt an individual’s way of life. Pain medications can only do so much. Prolonged intake may even damage some vital organs like the liver.

How PRP therapy works

Blood has many regenerative elements like platelets. These components can help the body heal the damaged tissue. Joints can experience this type of organic repair. Staying active is much better if there is no pain. PRP therapy can help an individual achieve a non-surgical way to regain joint and general health.

PRP therapy is a popular treatment for hair loss or facial treatments. It allows the hair and skin to regenerate. The same can happen for damaged joints. This therapy is a type of regenerative treatment.

Platelets are blood components capable of healing. The proteins in them can promote blood vessel formation and cell growth. These elements can help the body heal up. PRP therapy introduces the platelets into the joints. This reduces stiffness and pain. It can also repair injured cartilage.

The process

PRP therapy is a simple process. The patient will not need general anesthesia. The doctor of sports medicine will need to draw some blood from the patient’s arm. The blood will then go through processing. A centrifuge will separate the plasma and platelets from the rest of the other blood components. Once ready, the doctor injects it into the patient’s affected joints.

Arthritis and PRP

This condition develops when the joint cartilage wears down. The bones are then left to rub against each other, which is extremely painful. PRP therapy can treat osteoarthritis. It slows down the deterioration of the cartilage. This therapy also prevents joint inflammation.

PRP can also encourage the growth of new cartilage. At the same time, it can increase the natural lubricating liquid in every joint. The extra lubrication can reduce the friction when bones rub against one another. The proteins in plasma can change the pain receptors. This leads to feeling less pain.

Recovery and PRP therapy results

A patient can return to normal activities after PRP therapy. Even so, the results may take a few weeks for regrowth and healing would be evident. The patient will notice a reduction in discomfort, pain, and stiffness. Regular treatments can help prevent surgery to correct the situation. Pain-free living is possible with this therapy.

The benefits

PRP therapy allows an individual to self-heal. The treatment uses a patient’s own platelets to repair one’s injuries. This is a good way to skip surgery. Here are some of the benefits an individual can get from this therapy:

  • Recovering is faster with this type of therapy. Athletes often turn to PRP injections to heal faster. This enables them to get back to the game. The procedure can also help with non-sports injuries. Joint pain, muscle tears, and sprains can go away after a short healing period.
  • Wounds heal faster as well after PRP treatment. The platelet-rich plasma delivers more clotting capabilities to the area of injury. The cytokines from platelets can kill the pathogens in the wounded joint.
  • Swelling goes down after this therapy. Chronic inflammation can damage the tissues the longer it occurs. PRP injections allow the body to reduce irritation and swelling in the tissues surrounding the nerves and joints.
  • Pain relief is another benefit of this treatment. People with arthritis can have relief as the treatment repairs the joints with arthritis damage.
  • The procedure provides lasting low back pain relief. Chronic back pain can be debilitating to most people. PRP treatment can help repair the injured joints and provide relief for a long time. Re-treatments may be necessary for extended relief.
  • This treatment is minimally intrusive. It involves syringes and needles, but it does not need surgery. The doctor aims to get the PRP and then process it for joint therapy.

PRP therapy is a natural way to regain the health of your joints

Joint damage can result in debilitating pain. It can prevent you from enjoying simple walks or playtime with your family. PRP therapy can help bring back your joint and general health. Working with your doctor can result in a smoother treatment and healing period.

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