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PRP therapy, as part of sports medicine, can resolve muscle pain due to injury. Many people have suffered from chronic pain for years. Pain relievers often cause side effects. That is why natural ways of treating pain are becoming more attractive. If you want to know how PRP therapy can help with your muscle injury, here are the details.

The procedure

Treating the muscle tears with PRP therapy will start by drawing blood from a person’s arm. The doctor of sports medicine will place the blood in a test tube and run it through a centrifuge. This will separate the different components of the blood sample. This makes it easier for the doctor to take the PRP.

The doctor will inject the PRP into the injured muscles. The platelets will start to encourage healing. This will happen because of the growth factors. Rejuvenating the area will relieve the patient’s chronic pain.

PRP therapy’s impact

This treatment can help many individuals. Chronic muscle pain is evidence of injuries to tendons, ligaments, or muscles. The body will attempt to heal these injuries on its own. Even so, the injury will not heal the right way. This happens with muscle tears.

PRP therapy helps the healing process by boosting its restart. The muscle injury will have significant improvement with this therapy. Patients who were unsuccessful with cortisone shots and other medications can experience better healing with this therapy. Severe muscle injuries will need more treatments. This happens if the specific area has been damaged at least once.

Injecting PRP is a natural treatment. The body will not reject the therapy because the platelets come from the patient’s blood. This therapy is not harmful at all. It does not cause any side effects either.

How the body heals

Muscle healing starts with destruction. This starts when there is muscle damage. A muscle strain happens when the muscle experiences an excessive force. In this injury, blood vessels and muscle fibers tear. This releases blood into the damaged muscle. The inflammatory cells then enter the injured area.

The destruction phase needs immobilization. This can happen with crutches, braces, splints, or taping techniques. Preventing mobility in the injured area must happen for three to seven days. This will reduce pain and swelling.

The next stage of healing is repairing. Macrophages enter the injured muscles and clean the area. These cells eat the dried blood and dead tissue from the injury. After the clean-up, the satellite cells turn into myoblasts. The creation of new muscle fibers happens with these cells.

Then, the fibroblasts create the connective tissue in the damaged area. New connective tissue and muscle fibers give way to new muscle tissue. New blood vessels and nerves start to generate after. It will take two weeks for the repair stage to peak. Remodeling is the last stage of muscle repair. This stage involves the formation of the scar tissue, which helps create the parallel lines in the healing muscle tissue.

PRP can help with the following conditions

This natural therapy can help patients with specific ailments. One’s own platelet-rich plasma works well with the body. The patient can be sure to have a smooth and quick recovery. Below are the common conditions that PRP can treat:

  • Tennis or golfer’s elbow
  • Osteoarthritis or degenerative knee disease
  • Rotator cuff or labral tearing
  • Joint or spinal disc disease
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Texting and skier’s thumb
  • Ligament sprains
  • Torn ligaments
  • Tendonitis

Benefits of PRP treatment

This type of natural therapy is the latest approach in pain management. It eliminates the need for surgery or pain relievers. This treatment can also heal tissue damage more quickly. Below are the basic benefits of PRP therapy:

  • It helps athletes heal from different cases of sports injuries. Muscle injuries occur after a strong impact against muscle tissue. This often results in muscle tearing. This treatment can provide relief to athletes at a much faster rate. It can help players regain high-level functionality.
  • It reduces and heals inflammation. Healing may take months or years. The process depends on the person’s ability to recover. As the person heals, PRP therapy can help reduce swelling and encourage faster healing.
  • It helps relieve knee osteoarthritis. This type of osteoarthritis is often caused by a decrease in levels of hyaluronic acid. Replacing hyaluronic acid allows the joints to work smoothly again. PRP can do this because of the hepatocyte growth factors and synovial fibroblast in it.

Sports medicine can help bring back your muscle and general health

Blood contains many components. The growth factors and proteins in platelets can speed up the restoration of tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Damage to the muscles may result from an injury or overuse. PRP therapy can restore the health of these muscles. Working with your doctor can help prepare you for your upcoming therapy.

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