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Low back pain is one of the most common reasons to get chiropractic treatment, but it’s certainly not the only one. In fact, low back pain often accompanies many other musculoskeletal issues in the spine or limbs, and these can be causes of pain that should be treated as well. That’s why it’s important to visit your chiropractor even if you only have low back pain — they can help get to the root of the problem and restore your health quickly and efficiently. 

Workplace injuries

If you have sustained an injury on your job, you may need chiropractic treatment. A new study shows that people who go to a chiropractor after being injured at work have significantly lower pain levels and less fatigue and are more likely to feel that they are ready to go back to work. These results show that chiropractic care can be beneficial in treating low back pain associated with workplace injuries. If you are suffering from low back pain and have sustained an injury on your job, a chiropractor can help you recover faster with less pain and more energy.

When it comes to treating pain, most people don’t seek medical attention. Instead, they go directly to a chiropractor for chiropractic care and physical therapy. Research shows that chiropractic care works well for treating back pain associated with workplace injuries. Going to a chiropractor after sustaining an injury on your job is beneficial because you will experience less pain and have less difficulty returning to work.

Sitting in an office all day

Sedentary lifestyles are a huge cause of back pain. According to recent research, sitting for long periods of time is linked with muscle weakness and stiffness in your neck and upper back, which puts you at a higher risk for lower back pain. The good news? A quick visit to your chiropractor could help reduce or even eliminate your pain.

Prolonged sitting is linked with decreased activity in the certain neck and upper back muscles. Since these muscles help support your spine, prolonged inactivity can lead to poor posture, spinal misalignment, and, you guessed it, lower back pain.

While there are a number of things you can do at work to help your back, for many people, time at work is unavoidable. When that’s true for you, don’t settle for traditional over-the-counter pain relievers or muscle relaxers. Instead, consider visiting your local chiropractor. Research has shown that short-term visits to a chiropractor are associated with reduced levels of pain and disability in patients suffering from lower back pain from sitting in an office for prolonged times.

Having a family history of back pain

If a member of your family has ever suffered from low back pain, you may be at an increased risk of getting it yourself. Genetics can increase your chances of experiencing lower back pain. While many people associate genetics with eye color or personality traits, these genes can also play a role in determining whether you’ll experience certain conditions like low back pain. While no one knows exactly why back problems are hereditary, there are some theories as to how genetic factors impact susceptibility.

Injuries from sports or hobbies

A lot of times, athletes and other active people get low back pain because of an injury that occurred in their sport or hobby. For example, if you do cross-fit or weightlifting exercises and your core gets sore, it could be because you’re using muscles in your back that aren’t properly trained. A chiropractor can help you with rehabilitation exercises so that you don’t end up with long-term problems from these injuries.

Low back pain is one of many types of back pain, although it can also occur without being a result of an injury. This pain can stem from improper postures, lifting heavy objects incorrectly, or even bad sleeping habits. In some cases, it can become chronic, leaving people in extreme pain for long periods of time. If you’re dealing with low back pain and considering chiropractic treatment as an option, consider these reasons why it might be your best bet.

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