Regenerative Medicine Therapy Using Adult Stem Cells for Knee Pain Treatment

Knee Pain Treatment Ooltewah, TN

Looking for knee pain treatment options? Read on to learn more about how regenerative medicine is used to treat knee pain. Stem cell therapy can be effectively used for knee pain treatment. It has also emerged as a viable treatment for various diseases like muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, and heart disease.

Regenerative medicine using adult stem cells can be used to treat problems that affect the knee, like osteoarthritis (OA). The condition leads to the deterioration of the cartilage that covers the ends of the bones in the knee. These bones start to rub on each other as they lose the cushion provided by the cartilage, leading to stiffness, swelling, and pain. OA can also lead to the loss of mobility in the knee.

Knee pain treatment with stem cell therapy

According to the Centers for Disease Control, OA of the knee is a common condition that affects over 32.5 million Americans. Most people manage their symptoms with lifestyle modifications, medical procedures, weight loss, and exercise. Knee replacement surgery might be recommended if a patient’s symptoms become severe.

Stem cell therapy offers a new approach that can help people with OA to avoid surgical treatments for knee pain treatment.

The stem cell knee pain treatment process

Stem cells are basic cells that are manufactured in the bone marrow. They are sent to parts of the body as needed and evolve into different cells based on what the body needs. Stem cell therapy works by triggering damaged tissues to perform needed repairs. It uses the body’s healing systems to repair issues like damaged cartilage.

Stem cells can be used to repair damaged tissues in the knees, addressing issues like OA and other knee injuries. Also known as regenerative therapy, the treatment aims to:

  • Reduce pain and decrease inflammation
  • Slow down the deterioration of tissues in the knee
  • Repair damaged tissues
  • Prevent or delay a need for knee replacement

During stem cell therapy, the healthcare provider draws some blood from the patient, typically from one of their arms. The sample is inserted into a centrifuge that separates the stem cells from other components in the blood. The concentrated stem cells are then injected into the area being treated.

Some patients typically experience less swelling and pain following the procedure. Using the patient’s stem cells for the procedure significantly reduces the risk of any adverse side effects, but some patients do find themselves dealing with temporarily increased inflammation and pain after the procedure.

Other treatments a healthcare provider might recommend for regenerative therapy include:

  • Physical therapy like stretching and exercising
  • Losing weight puts less stress on the knees
  • Using over-the-counter medication to manage pain and inflammation. Prescription painkillers might be recommended for patients dealing with severe pain
  • Steroids can be injected into the knee to manage swelling and inflammation
  • Hot and cold therapy helps with pain and inflammation. Alternating between hot and cold pads often leads to optimal results

Put knee pain behind you

Knee pain can make simple tasks become quite the challenge, lowering your quality of life. Call or visit our Ooltewah clinic to learn more about how we can help restore your mobility and bring an end to knee pain.

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