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Sports medicine can help people who get injured while playing sports. Common injuries may cause mild to severe tissue damage. Patients need immediate solutions to pain, inflammation, and even bleeding. If you want to know the right sports medicine treatments for common injuries, here are the details.

Shoulder injury

Many types of sports can cause this type of injury. Shoulder injuries often happen when an individual does not stretch enough before the game. Treating this type of injury involves complete rest. Taking anti-inflammatories can reduce pain and swelling while the shoulder heals.

Runner’s knee

Damage to the knee is a common sports injury. Those who play contact sports often get this injury. Preventing a runner’s knee involves replacing the insoles and running shoes regularly. Sports medicine includes complete rest as a necessary part of the treatment. Taking anti-inflammatory medications while resting can reduce swelling and pain.


This injury is the result of a strong blow to the head. It causes dizziness and disorientation. Avoiding contact sports is an effective way to prevent this injury. Treating a concussion involves taking pain relievers and resting.

Achilles tendinitis

Pain and inflammation of the Achilles tendon often result from overuse of the back part of the ankle. Rest is important for this injury. Taking anti-inflammatories is also crucial for recovery. RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevate) therapy can also reduce pain and inflammation. The patient should wait to heal completely before exercising again.

Tennis elbow

This injury results from frequent overhead movements of the arms. Preventing tennis elbow includes strengthening the arms. Sports medicine treatment for this injury needs RICE therapy. Taking anti-inflammatory medications and having physiotherapy are also necessary.

Ankle sprain

Vigorous running, kicking, and jumping are common movements in contact sports. That is why strengthening the ankles is important. This can prevent ankle sprains. Players who experience ankle sprains must try to move the ankle to keep the blood flow going. RICE therapy and taking anti-inflammatories can reduce pain and swelling.

Groin strain

This injury often happens to people who make sudden turns while running. Studies show that this injury is one of the worst injuries one can get from playing sports. Proper stretching is a good way to prevent groin strain. Sports medicine treatments involve taking anti-inflammatory medications, rest, and RICE therapy.

Pulled muscles

Pulling hamstrings and calves are also common sports injuries. This can happen during any contact sports. Proper stretching can prevent pulling muscles. Sports medicine’s gentle stretching and RICE therapy can treat this injury.

Low back pain

Different sports activities can cause low back pain. Lifting, twisting, and running are only a few activities that could cause this injury. Warming up the right way is key to preventing low back pain. Taking anti-inflammatories and RICE therapy can treat this type of injury.

Shin splints

This injury can result from muscle swelling around the inner part of the shin. Shin splints can become bone spurs if the patient does not get the right sports medicine treatment right away. Choosing the right type of shoes and proper stretching can prevent shin splints. Treating this injury includes applying ice, taking anti-inflammatories, and stretching properly.

When surgery is necessary

In some cases, tissues do not complete the healing cycle. Others do not heal well, even with the help of regular physical therapy. The injury’s severity can help the doctor decide whether surgery is a solution or not. Ruptures and tears need surgery. The patient can ask the necessary questions about this sports medicine procedure and recovery period. This can help the patient and doctor make informed decisions together.

Rehabilitation period

Athletes want to get back to performance level as quickly as possible. After surgery, therapists and chiropractors often team up to help bring back the patient’s health and athletic performance. Each athlete has specific needs. The rehab team can custom-fit the therapies based on the patient’s case. This can help the athlete return to performance level.


It can take weeks, months, or even years before an individual can recover from an injury. Recovery time depends on the type of injury. Full recovery is important if the athlete aims to return to normal activities or athletic performance. Moving the body gently right after the surgery is important. This can help blood circulate faster through the injured areas. Mild exercises can help bring the body back to health.

You can get relief from common sports injuries from sports medicine treatments

Playing sports can result in different types and levels of injury. Common sports injuries can receive the proper sports medicine treatment. Working with your doctor can help speed up your recovery. It can also help you get back to your game and daily activities.

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