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Outline of Our Joint Rehab And Supplementation Program

Spine & Joint Medical Center is a pioneer in the most up to date and refined programs for rejuvenating damaged and arthritic joints.

Your care will begin with a thorough review of your problem and joint evaluation with one of our Physicians. When necessary, X-ray studies (and possibly MRI or CT scan) will be preformed to determine the extent of joint damage. Additional tests may be appropriate if nerve damage is suspected (such as nerve conduction testing).

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If our doctors find you to be a suitable candidate, you begin with a consultation with our physical therapy department and a few sessions of physical therapy to get the fluids moving within the joint space. This enhances the injections.

You will be scheduled for all therapy sessions as well as all injection procedures prior to leaving. We will make every attempt to find a suitable time slot for you three times per week. If you have specific and sensitive time requests, we suggest you schedule as far out as possible to secure the exact time period you need for your therapy sessions.

You will receive a calendar of treatment and injections times as a reminder. Because of the extreme demand for this program, we ask that you adhere as closely to your schedule as possible. If you are late for your injection appointment you will most likely have to reschedule that appointment procedure as there is little to no “wiggle” room in our schedule.

Wear casual and comfortable clothing to your appointments to make access to the area being treated easier for the doctors and therapists.


Applying cutting edge research, we will introduce special lubricating fluid, a viscosupplement, into your painful damaged joint via special motion x-ray, known as fluoroscopy for 100% accuracy. This application will be utilized once a week per each knee treated for 3-5 weeks total.

To our knowledge, we are one of the only clinics applying these lubricating injectables in this manner in the area. Research indicates that “blind” injections without the use of motion x-ray can be highly inaccurate and actually “miss” the entire joint thus making the procedure useless and ineffective.

Additionally, we use only what we have determined to be the most effective type of lubricating “visco-supplementation” substance. Visco-supplements are not medications like cortisone, but a natural substance already present in our joints. Therefore, these products have very few, if any side effects.

Also we have developed The Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol™ of joint rehabilitation and therapy, which significantly enhances the Visco-Supplementation procedure. This therapy protocol continues for six to eight weeks depending on the severity of the problem. It is vital that this therapy be followed as directed and scheduled. We have found less satisfactory results when deviations are made.

Supportive bracing will be applied in order to unload and stabilize the joint in question.


Generally, each physical therapy session is about 45 minutes. On days of your injection, plan to spend about 10 to 15 additional minutes to go through the injection procedure. Plan on taking it easy and minimizing prolonged weight bearing activities for a few hours after your injection and the rest of that day, if possible. Ice should be applied to the knee throughout the injection day as well. Adhere to the treatment schedule as closely as possible to get the best results.


Typically, most insurance carriers will pay for the program as well as the therapeutic rehab, injections, testing, and bracing. This includes Medicare, as well as most major medical policies such as Blue Cross, Cigna, Aetna, United Health Care, etc. (You may have deductibles and/or co-insurance due).

Please give your insurance card to the front desk for verification prior to seeing the doctor for your evaluation. We can even verify your benefits prior to your initial visit if you prefer.


Simply ask the doctors, therapists, or staff to clear up any area of confusion or issues. We are here to help you! Please do not hesitate to inquire about any issues you may have.


Please have your friends or loved ones call our office to set up a no charge consultation. We can also send informative packets along with an invitation for the “no cost to you” consultation.

Thank you for your interest in our program, we look forward to meeting with you!

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