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When it comes to searching for effective pain relief, many people struggle to find long-lasting relief that does not involve constantly taking medication of some kind. While there is temporary relief in prescription painkiller medication, it is not permanent and requires the patient to continue taking it. Fortunately, we offer a solution at Spine Chiropractic, in the form of dry needling.

This therapeutic technique uses small thin needles to help reduce pain for long-term relief. An alternative form of treatment, dry needling may be the treatment you need to further the recovery process.

There is no reason to continue struggling with the pain, we can help with our professional treatment, so call us today.

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An Alternative Chiropractic Treatment

Dry needling is a therapeutic treatment involving multiple filament needles that stimulate the muscle or connective tissues located in a part of the body. We will typically focus on the area of the body causing pain, known as the trigger point. During this treatment, we will typically not use any substance, solution or medication.

Most people do not feel the sensation of the needle penetrating the body, and once in place, the feeling of pain will begin to decrease. Dry needling is a practical solution for acute pain, chronic pain, rehabilitation after injury and preventing pain with minimal side effects. Benefits of dry needling can include:

  • Restore muscle strength and activation
  • Relieves lower back pain
  • Helps with myofascial trigger point pain
  • Reduces or removes nociceptive input from trigger points
  • Regularize synaptic efficacy
  • Muscle regeneration
  • Reduce peripheral and central sensitization

Dry needling allows us to use precision when treating specific parts of the muscles. This treatment can even go to deeper layers of the tissue that physical adjustments by hand cannot reach. Although dry needling is effective for acute and chronic pain, it is often used in combination with other forms of physical therapy. This can include joint/soft tissue manipulation and rehabilitative exercise.

How Dry Needling Works

Typically, a healthy muscle feels minimal pain when inserting the needle. However, sensitive or shortened muscles with active trigger points in them may cause sensations identical to muscle cramps – which is usually called a “twitch response.” The twitch response has a biochemical property that probably influences muscle and tissue response, and symptoms. The cramping feeling may be felt locally, as a pain referral, or as symptoms of the condition that required treatment.

As a chiropractor, we will strive to help identify the cause of the patient's symptoms and recommend treatment. Generally, patients experience improvements within two to four treatment sessions. The results of treatment may vary depending on the cause of the symptoms, wellbeing of the patient and the expertise of the practitioner.

Our team of professionals at Spine Chiropractic has the necessary training to utilize dry needling for our patients.

After the Procedure

The feeling experienced by patients after the treatment differs. It is normal to feel a little sore in the area of treatment. The soreness could take a few hours to become apparent and varies, depending on the treated area. The duration and severity of the soreness vary, but it should not last for more than a day or two. The soreness should be identical to how one feels after receiving a massage or after a rigorous workout session in the gym.

Any symptoms that persist beyond this should be reported to the practitioner. Patients are often advised to avoid driving after undergoing the procedure. Some bruising may occur at the site after treatment. However, icing the area can help relieve the bruising. The patient may feel nauseous, tired, giggly, or distracted after the treatment. This response is normal and should fade within one or two hours after treatment.

In rare cases, the treatment may worsen the symptoms momentarily. If this occurs, it will continue for no more than 24 hours before improving. If the symptoms continue to worsen after one or two days, patients should take note of it, since the information will help the care provider alter the treatments accordingly, if necessary. This does not mean that dry needling is not effective for that condition.

Professional Guidance

Our team will guide patients throughout the treatment process and adjust the treatment as necessary. We strive to help meet the patient’s needs and help them recover. With many chiropractic issues, the treatment process takes time and participation from the patient.

By working with our dry needling treatment plan, you can begin the path toward long-lasting pain relief. Call us today and schedule an appointment.

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