Is PRP Treatment an Anti-aging Regenerative Medicine Option?

Prp Treatment Ooltewah, TN

Are you looking for information on PRP treatment, or platelet-rich plasma treatment? It is becoming more popular because this regenerative medicine option offers many health-related benefits. Its anti-aging effect is one of them.

About PRP treatment

Many people are wondering whether PRP treatment is the right treatment option for them. When someone looks into anti-aging options, there are many to choose from nowadays. PRP treatment is commonly chosen because it can be used topically to help stimulate the rejuvenation process of facial skin. The overall goal of PRP therapy is to improve the overall appearance and health of one's skin. It is considered a safe and natural treatment option with minimal risks, such as swelling.

The provider will start the PRP procedure by taking a small amount of blood from the patient's arm. This sample is centrifuged at high speed, separating it into different layers, including healing platelets. The provider will then inject the platelet-rich concentrate, combined with some plasma, into the parts of the skin or scalp affected by aging.

How PRP reverses aging

The appearance of wrinkles indicates damage to the skin. Collagen and elastin breakdown is often attributed to the sun's UV radiation. Collagen is a protein that gives the skin structure and elasticity, and the protein elastin contributes to the skin's elasticity.

Skin that has been exposed to the sun is thinner and drier, making it more prone to creases and furrows when making facial expressions. Injecting PRP into wrinkles stimulates the body to manufacture fresh, new skin due to the healing properties of the platelets. This new cell population will eventually replace the dead or dying cells that the body expels.

Collagen and elastin, two structural proteins essential to body function, are rebuilt as part of the healing process. Wrinkles fill up and plump up as the PRP repairs and regenerates them. The result of the series of treatments spread out over a couple of months is noticeable: skin that is noticeably smoother, finer, and less wrinkly.

Using PRP in conjunction with the microneedling procedure significantly increases collagen formation. The body's natural response to mending these small puncture wounds is to increase collagen and elastin production. When PRP is applied to microneedle-healed skin, it stimulates even more collagen and elastin formation by infusing the skin with growth factors. As a result, the skin will appear and feel rejuvenated.

PRP treatment as an anti-aging regenerative medicine option

The following contains more information on the reasons that wellness centers tend to use PRP to help patients in need of anti-aging therapy. This treatment option regenerates skin tissue in order to support natural healing.

PRP therapy and using a patient's own cells

Patients who choose to undergo PRP treatment are using their own cells to renew and replace any damaged tissue, so they do not have to worry about side effects like rejection. The PRP process requires the patient's cells to be extracted and then reinjected into their facial area. These cells work by renewing and creating even more cells that support younger-looking skin. Since PRP treatment works on a cellular level, this treatment is unlike any other anti-aging treatment available.

PRP facials and stem cell treatment

These two anti-aging options use PRP to help promote the creation of more collagen in the skin. Collagen is important when it comes to looking rejuvenated and youthful, making a PRP facial a common treatment option for regeneration. Stem cell treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that injects stem cells into a patient's face, which helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles for a more even appearance.

Specific anti-aging benefits

Many benefits come with choosing to undergo PRP treatment in order to look and feel younger. These  include but are not limited to diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, improving the elasticity and thickness of facial skin, improving skin complexion, shrinking pores, protecting damaged skin, improving skin texture, and adding an overall glow to one's facial skin. Since PRP treatment also helps repair cells damaged by free radicals, the aging process is also slowed.

The bottom line

Is PRP treatment the right anti-aging treatment for you? PRP treatment is offered at wellness centers, which are focused on treating patients as a whole. For those who are interested in learning more about this anti-aging regenerative medicine option and how PRP treatment works to help people who want to look and feel younger, the next step is making a consultation appointment for more information.

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